Wednesday, May 25, 2011


It's been a crazy past several days. Noah was in the hospital and this momma was alone for several hours with him. Zach was hours away along with all family. Thankfully some church members were able to come and get Zoe for the night and drive me to meet Zach in Dallas after Noah was airlifted. I know it was hard on my mom to be far away and unable to help. She has some amazing friends that live in the area and they were at the hospital when we got there. It was a source of great comfort to mom that we had someone there with us. I have an amazing son who because of his great personality was able to be released from icu early.

We are also awaiting some news that could potentially be life changing and the not knowing is driving Zach and me batty. Ready to know for sure the path that is meant for us.

I feel ready for a big change. I feel the need to expunge some people from my life. Tired always of people not living up to what they claim to be; not doing what they say they will do. Be honest with yourself about who and what you are and then you can be honest with others. I try to do the same thing but others may not agree. :)

Enjoying a quiet afternoon with my son catching up on much needed rest and Zoe at the church with Zach.