Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today is Thursday which means tomorrow my parents come! Yay! We haven't seen them since they were here for Noah's Baptism in February. It will be a whirlwind kind of visit but its something at least.

I am spending the day trying to clean up and get things ready for the weekend. I get discouraged easily while cleaning since my wonderful children walk behind me and undo everything. The other day I was cleaning the glass door that leads to the back porch and immediately upon me finishing Noah walks up and puts his mouth on it...

Something I am thankful for today besides the usual...a nice, dry, warm home...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Feeling the breeze..

Rules without relationships lead to rebellion.

Truth without relationships leads to rejection.

......Chuck Coulson

Those are words that were read to us this Sunday in Sunday School as we discussed the idea of community as laid out for us in the Gospel.  These words really seemed to resonate with  the other members of the class as it did with me.  We are called to be a part of the world around us without letting the world become who we are.  If we don't seek out others, especially those different than us, then we may never have the opportunity to touch another's life.  Just some thoughts.

Blessings today include a working air conditioner! Praise the Lord!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sing a Song of Celebration

It took me several minutes to remember what today is. It's Thursday. Today Zoe and I went to register her for Pre-K. She met with the counselor for some placement evaluation. The counselor said that Zoe was above average for her age. She did so good. Very proud of her. She is just going to love school.

We got our new car yesterday and Zach actually let me drive it this morning after I guilted him into it. It's a nice car.

One week until my parents come! Yay!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

James 1 1:18

Thanks to my Husband for the above scripture. What struck me most about it is that we can ask God for anything and everything but if we don't know Him we wont even realize when he answers our prayers. I have never liked the expression of "Let go and Let God." God wants us to be proactive. We are constantly being pulled in so many directions in this world, evil is at every turn, even when we think we are doing good and where we are supposed to be, evil is there. We have to constantly be on alert if we wish to do God's will for us. We aren't to worry about that which we can not change but if we just "let go" then we can loose the ability to hear what God is telling us. It's very easy to become complacent. Just my two cents.

On another note -

Today I asked Zoe to put some shoes on and go get the paper. She responded with, "I was planning to. It was on my list. It was right after going potty." Hehe...who knew she was so organized ;)

Also, Noah took a step today. Just one and then he sat down. I don't even think he realized he did it. Mom hopes he can hold off walking until they come next week so they can witness it. Crazy that Easter is in 2 weeks!

Thankful for many things today, including Benadryl and coffee....

Monday, April 11, 2011

It's Monday, Monday...

It's a beautiful sunny morning after some storms that brought some much needed rain last night. Letting in the sunshine definitely brightens my mood.

Had a good weekend but most of my weekends are good. They are the days I get to spend with my family. Went to Chucke Cheese on Saturday with some friends and Zoe had such a great time. She played until she wore herself out. Sunday of course meant getting up and going to church. After gabbing and missing late service we went and had lunch with a couple from our Sunday School class. It was nice.

I am soooo ready for Easter. I think Easter is right up with Thanksgiving and Christmas as my favorite holidays. I love going to church Easter morning. This Easter is going to be doubly special because my wonderful parents are going to come for the weekend. Soo ready to see them.

Been thinking a lot about forgiveness. Thoughts of what Easter is about coupled with last week's Sunday School reading has reminded me that it is always our job to heal broken relationships. The book we are reading in SS reminds us that we are never to give up on people. To forgive them, what is it, 70 times 7 times? I feel myself pulling away when those thoughts start tugging on my heart. I don't want to forgive some people and I definitely don't want to heal some relationships. I will continue to pray on this.

Blessings today include the rain of course and eBay. I was able to get Zoe some CareBears! (not allll of them but enough that she should be satisfied.)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Zombies, Zombies everywhere...

Sitting at the kitchen table while Zach watches some Left for Dead zombie movie online with Travis. Not my type of movie for sure. We are waiting on a call from the Ford dealership so Zach can take the Vue down there and see what we can get on trade-in for it. That's right! We are getting a new car! And its crazy to me that getting a brand new car is actually the most economical thing we could do right now.

Later we may head on into Texarkana. Zach has a hankering for some Fuzzy's Tacos. I don't know what else we will do.

Zoe is in her room watching Mickey Mouse and working on a puzzle. It's her "work" and she takes puzzle making very seriously. Brother is not allowed in her room at present because he may disturb her process or as she so lovingly put it, "annoy" her.

Many blessings today! Don't think zombies are one of them, not for me anyways.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sprinkles of thought...

Whew, what a day today has been. Noah was fussier than usual today. He has worn me out. Zoe has the listening skills of a...well, I guess a 3 year old...I'm pretty sure I sound like the grown ups on Charlie Brown to her.

I have been working hard lately on being positive and energetic. For so many months now I have had a hard time just physically getting out of bed in the morning. I'm finally feeling something akin to being human again.

Tonight Zach is at a Methodist Men function. He is beginning his busiest time of the year now and I'm not so excited. However, just knowing that I am feeling so much better makes his being gone so much easier to handle.

I'm gearing up for Easter and Zoe's birthday. This will be a different birthday for Zoe and I'm a little concerned about how she will handle things. She has this idealized idea of what birthdays are from friends and tv and she's not going to have anything like that. She has asked for about a million things for her birthday and we have had several discussions that she can not and will not get everything she asks for. She really knows how to lay on the guilt, even at her young age.

Trying everyday to be the best Me that I can be, the best mother, wife, daughter, sister and child of God...a constant struggle.

Praising God today for my loving husband, my beautiful kids, and reliable internet :) amongst other things of course.


It's been ages since I blogged last....So many changes. I realize after reading my old posts how beneficial it is, just for me to remember my children as they were younger. I keep journals for both of my children but this may help too. Also, if anyone cares to read what I have to say, they can. More later...I promise.