Friday, April 8, 2011

Zombies, Zombies everywhere...

Sitting at the kitchen table while Zach watches some Left for Dead zombie movie online with Travis. Not my type of movie for sure. We are waiting on a call from the Ford dealership so Zach can take the Vue down there and see what we can get on trade-in for it. That's right! We are getting a new car! And its crazy to me that getting a brand new car is actually the most economical thing we could do right now.

Later we may head on into Texarkana. Zach has a hankering for some Fuzzy's Tacos. I don't know what else we will do.

Zoe is in her room watching Mickey Mouse and working on a puzzle. It's her "work" and she takes puzzle making very seriously. Brother is not allowed in her room at present because he may disturb her process or as she so lovingly put it, "annoy" her.

Many blessings today! Don't think zombies are one of them, not for me anyways.

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