Monday, April 11, 2011

It's Monday, Monday...

It's a beautiful sunny morning after some storms that brought some much needed rain last night. Letting in the sunshine definitely brightens my mood.

Had a good weekend but most of my weekends are good. They are the days I get to spend with my family. Went to Chucke Cheese on Saturday with some friends and Zoe had such a great time. She played until she wore herself out. Sunday of course meant getting up and going to church. After gabbing and missing late service we went and had lunch with a couple from our Sunday School class. It was nice.

I am soooo ready for Easter. I think Easter is right up with Thanksgiving and Christmas as my favorite holidays. I love going to church Easter morning. This Easter is going to be doubly special because my wonderful parents are going to come for the weekend. Soo ready to see them.

Been thinking a lot about forgiveness. Thoughts of what Easter is about coupled with last week's Sunday School reading has reminded me that it is always our job to heal broken relationships. The book we are reading in SS reminds us that we are never to give up on people. To forgive them, what is it, 70 times 7 times? I feel myself pulling away when those thoughts start tugging on my heart. I don't want to forgive some people and I definitely don't want to heal some relationships. I will continue to pray on this.

Blessings today include the rain of course and eBay. I was able to get Zoe some CareBears! (not allll of them but enough that she should be satisfied.)

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