Monday, August 15, 2011

When time flies...

Today Zoe started back at school after nearly a year of just mommy time.  I was a little worried at first as to how she would handle the transition.   I shouldn't have worried at all because she LOVED it and did very well this first day.  She is only going Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons right now but it's better than nothing at all.  Zach came and picked her up at his lunch break and she was very ready to go.

We had to get a picture with Daddy.

I instructed Daddy to get a picture of Zoe in front of the preschool sign, which he lovingly obliged.

Zoe had a great day.  She found three feathers during their outside time, that she kindly shared with her new friends, and, to quote the little darling, "WE HAD SNACKS!" Yes, in all caps, because, my ears are probably still bleeding from the high volume.  Noah and I went and picked up Zach at work and we all went to pick her up then to McDonald's for smoothies as a special treat. Zoe is ready to go back tomorrow!  Hard to believe that next year she will be in Kindergarten. Yikes!

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