Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another day, another lesson to learn...

The Bechtolds had a great vacation.  It wasn't very long but it sure did pack a punch.  We swung by Plainview on our way home and left the kids at the grandparents before heading back to Las Cruces.  I miss them but we sure are enjoying the peace and quiet.  The test is to see if I can use this time productively instead of napping all day like I want to. Yawn...

During our vacation we were able to attend a Rockies game, something Zach has always wanted to do.  We had a lovely time and the kids did great.  Noah, once plied with sugar, really got into the game, cheering and waving his rally towel like a pro.  Zoe did good but got bored with the game and looked for other ways to entertain herself.  Zoe had a nice older woman sitting next to her that would smile time to time at the children's antics.  Before long Zoe was sitting there, talking like she is prone to do, asking a million and one questions of this poor, unsuspecting woman.  After a while of her just nodding her head to Zoe's queries she leaned over to Zach, and in heavily accented English, haltingly said,"I don't speak English."  Embarrassed Zach tried his best to put a halt in Zoe's barrage of questions.

Sweet girl, never has she met a stranger.  She has her moments of shyness, certainly, but all in all she is open to anyone.  I'm not so open.  It's difficult for me to speak to others and to do so without reserve.  More often than not when I try and force myself to get out of my box I end up regretting most of what I said.  It's safer for me and my mouth to be reserved when I'm around those who may not know me well.

There have been many times that I have been amazed at Zoe's openness and willingness to befriend anyone.  I recall a trip to Walmart that ended in Zoe standing hand-in-hand with a little Hispanic girl who loudly proclaimed her daddy was in prison.  Although slightly confused by what this "prison" thing was, it did not deter Zoe from inviting this girl over to her house someday. 

Those things that may keep me from reaching out to another is so insignificant to my five year old.  Those fears and worries that plague my thoughts aren't present in hers.  She sees people as just that, people. People like her.

I wish I were more like my kids.  Honestly, I can learn so much from them and I hope and pray that my own shortcomings do not rub off too much on them.

May you all take notice of the blessings surrounding you today.

Admittedly blurry pic showing the kids cheering along.

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