Monday, August 4, 2008


Yesterday we went golfing. It was...interesting?? No, it wasn't too bad but for the life of me I can not imagine why anyone would choose to spend 4 1/2 hours in the hot sun hitting a little ball around. I guess I will never be a golfer. We went to the Tulia Country Club. What an experience that was. I mainly drove around the golf cart which was fun. Our friends Nathan and Ashlee Loewen and Zach and Brittaney Shrick went with us. Zoe stayed with my parents were they must of filled her full of sugar and crack because she was soooo hyper and refused to go to bed until 10:00! Here are a few pictures of our golfing day:

Here's my swing. Notice the ball still on the tee? Yeah, I'm so not good.

The girls: Me, Ashlee and Brittaney.
The boys: Zach, Zach and Nathan.
Ashlee and one of the many turkeys on the golf course. Only in West Texas people!

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