Monday, April 9, 2012

Simple things...

When you think of your childhood what memories stick out in your mind about your parents?  For me I will always associate my mother with her hands, holding them in church, playing with her rings, the smoothness of her skin, as well as the smell of her perfume.  I find comfort in those memories.  Not too long ago I read this blog that I found on Pinterest.  The blog lists certain things that we should remember to tell our children.  It was reading this list that made me think of what impressions I may be leaving on my children.  What memories of their childhood and, more specifically, of their father and me, will stick with them throughout their lives?  I hope that they will look back with fondness of the relationship I had with them.

I know that I fail my children daily.  In fact there are moments during our day that I say something to them and instantly regret it.  There is also something I am not good at doing, which is saying,"I'm sorry, I was wrong."  Simple words that have a huge impact and yet they are so hard to say. 

I know I need to work on certain things, certain facets of my relationship with Zoe and Noah, but I hope that regardless of anything else, they know how much I love them.  I try not to let them go to sleep without them hearing, "I love you" from their mother.  When Zoe is in trouble and so upset with the consequences she has incurred, I try to remember to let her know that even though I'm not happy with her behavior, that I will love her forever.

This parenting thing is hard and there are so many theories of what we should be doing.  It's impossible to do everything perfect.  All that we can do is to let our kids know we love them and keep on doing our best.  And, when we do fail, work on that whole "apology" thing.

Blessings to you and yours my friends...

That's love right there.

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