Friday, August 17, 2012

Growing Pains...

Today the Bechtold Family reached a milestone.  It was Zoe's first day of Kindergarten.  It seems like yesterday I was thinking, after seeing posts from friends on Facebook about their little ones first day of school, that I don't know what I'll do when it's Zoe's first day.  All of a sudden my little girl isn't so little anymore.

School in Las Cruces is a little different than in other places we have lived.  School for the other kids began on Wednesday.  The school has what's called "Kinder Transition Day" for the Kindergarten kids.  On Wednesday afternoon we dropped Noah off at our friend Stuart's house and Zoe and I headed up to her new school.   We had packed up Zoe's new Hello Kitty backpack with her new school supplies and she so very bravely marched into her new classroom.  She shook her teacher's hand and when a comment was made about Zoe's blue eyes, she proudly proclaimed,"They're my Daddy's eyes!" 

Our transition day only included 6 other students and before long Zoe was in a very animated conversation with the little girl sitting next to her while they did their craft.  So quickly and easily does she make friends.  We were able to tour the school, fill out the pile of paperwork, and get "tested" all in one afternoon.  If possible, Zoe left that afternoon even more excited to start school than before.
Transition day.

Noah takes posing lessons from sister.

The first real day of school started this morning, on a Friday.  I woke up first, put the cinnamon toast in the oven, fixed the chocolate milk, cut up the strawberries, and then went and woke up Zoe.  Zoe is our little morning person.  She jumps out of bed, no matter what the time, like she's coming off the bench in a basketball game. 

After breakfast, getting dressed, and taking the standard "first day of school pictures" we all loaded up and drove the 15 minutes to Zoe's school.  We no sooner walked up that she was off playing in the playground and once again, making new friends.  In fact we had to call her back over just so Mommy and Daddy could say their goodbyes.  After our hugs and kisses, Zoe ran off to play some more before the bell rang and Mommy and Daddy wiped their tears away.  It was so much harder on us than her.

First day picture.

So happy...

For the rest of the day I kept my eye on the clock.  I would say to myself, "Zoe's in the cafeteria now, eating lunch like a big girl," or "I wonder what Zoe's learning right now."  I couldn't wait for 2:30 to come around.

Finally the time came and we were waiting outside for her to come bounding out exclaiming about what a great day she had.  Noah was just as excited to see her than I was, happily taking her hand as we walked back to the car.  We promptly left and took Zoe to Barnes and Noble to pick out her "first day of school book," a tradition we are starting this year, and then took her to her choice of restaurant for an early supper (she chose Olive Garden, big surprise there).  After the meal we went to Hastings and picked out a movie for the evening.  I couldn't keep count of how many times she, with obvious joy, shouted, "This is just the best day ever!"

A new tradition begins.

Zoe's selection. This was a very difficult decision.

Zoe's favorite restaurant.

I am so proud of my darling girl.  I don't know that I could be anymore proud of her than I am.  She is so much what I wish I could be, every day.  Joyous, happy, sensitive, thoughtful, and curious, among other things.  It's hard, seeing her so big, so smart, and not get misty eyed, but I know she is growing into such a lovely person, capable of doing so much good.   I will try not to mourn her "babyhood" (if that's such a word) and instead delight in how well she's growing up...

Praying you all are as blessed as I feel today...

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